If asked what my bad habits were I would only ever name things relating to books. Whether it is having no self control buying them, staying up all night reading, packing too many when travelling or accidentally spending an entire social event hiding with a book, the list is long but happily accepted.  What I’ve spent years trying to beat is the hoarding of books. Not loved ones, I will always be surrounded by books, I mean ones no longer wanted.  I tried everything but it always resulted in bags full of books waiting to leave but  never quite going, slowly but surely slipping back on to my shelves. I asked myself why I could not give them up and used wanting to be surrounded by books and the visual site of them creating joy as an excuse but they were now an annoyance, spoiling my collection.

I can finally say they are gone! The method I discovered that worked was acting as though it was a library book or borrowed from a friend, would I buy it or make a note to read again. If not, in the bag it went.  I forgot before pictures, honestly books were everywhere. My under-bed storage was full of them, the shelves was double stacked, there were piles all over the floor, it was ridiculous. I know that I had owned over one thousand, and at least 600 went, if not more.   Here about an tenth of the books that left, you can see stacks behind too. There were so many stacks this high it was ridiculous.


I look at my bookshelves now and see them neat and tidy, each and every book loved. Now i’m okay with books leaving, I do not ever want to slip in to this habit or state again. By decluttering them it has not only made my shelves look better but also has helped me examine my old buying and reading habits which I will write about at another time!


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