Tomorrow I will start University at 25 after wanting to attend for many years. I’ve always wanted to be a Historian and I went through school top of my class in anything academic (do not ever speak of P.E). I fully intended going all the way until we moved and my GCSEs suffered greatly. This led  to many years of trying different things like NVQs and the Open Uni, I even enrolled two years in a row on an Access course only for the course to be cancelled! I never stopped trying but as the years went on and I had been out of education longer and longer I started to worry.

It was reading The Everyday Goth’s posts about her experience at College that encouraged me to finally try an Access course again at 24. I discovered through my tutor the most perfect University and course, it was unbelievable how amazing it all was. The only downside to the course is it is so far from my family, this really does hurt. I am so happy to be here and cannot wait to start learning!


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