I’ve lived in the town and my new accommodation for  5 days  and it has been interesting even though I haven’t officially started yet.  I’m so happy and excited to finally be here and  I have very easily settled.

On Tuesday I traveled for twelve hours, from the spare room at my Dad’s to my new home. The journey was perfect, it had no delays and I even managed to navigate London. The house is good for a student place. My housemates are nice, I went straight in to a private student rental and was worried as I had never met them but the worrying was for nothing as like I said they are lovely.

I have had a small cry or two, I’m never bothered by being in new places and am not worried about uni in general, it’s just being so far away from my family does hurt. However the course I wanted was only at this University, so it still feels like the right thing to do.

I’m very satisfied with how it has all gone but so far all I’ve done is wander about town and sort my room out. The next week is all inductions, tours, etc, so I will get to actually see the campus, as so far it’s been closed. All in all, a good, pleasant week.




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